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Főoldal Rólunk Szolgáltatások Privát Transzfer Viteldíj Online rendelés Utazási feltételek Kapcsolat
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Program ajánló
The conditions for using the service: E-mail

Conditions for use of the service:

1, Service Order and its inclusion in the following way:

Through our website, on-line by filling in the customer transfer - sending
Telephone consultation - orders +36 30 / 8988 490
E-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Or sent via fax order form
Partner travel agencies, hotels, Rendezvényszervezőknél in writing or on-line
All confirm the order received, within 4 hours on weekdays, public holidays or at the latest within 24 hours.
The orders will be confirmed in the order received, and it satisfies the acknowledgments, that the departure date of travel before the order was received within 72 hours of free car just in case, or in line with other orders can be accepted. The planned date of travel compared to orders delivered within 72 hours of telephone consultation is absolutely necessary. Only be considered accepted when confirmed in writing!

2, confirmation, clarification:

We will confirm the exact date of departure. The confirmed date changes, changes sometimes occur in the event of the trip the day before, on the phone negotiate. The service is entitled to a continuous function of incoming orders, pre-confirmed Pick - start-date until the day before the actual trip, the customer telephone information brought forward up to 1.5 hours. If the customer the day before traveling to the specified number is not available, the customer is liable for any inconvenience resulting from the changes. The customer is notified by telephone is not available at the specified e-mail or Fax availabilities.

3, Amendment, Cancellation:

The cost to modify the order if the order will not affect any other existing or canceled, the trip confirmed 72 hours before departure time.
In case of cancellation within 72 hours the fare is 50%, cancellation within 24 hours the fare charged 100%.

4, the return trip:

All non-city transfer service, if the return date of the pre-agreed date is amended to another date, the modification no later than 24 hours in advance of the customer to indicate our support. This type of change may bring new modified date, other times we can only provide the service. If the new date we have offered the customer does not comply, and does not request the service, so in return for 50% of the fare refunded.
InterCity Transfer for the South - starting 16:30 hours station departure time back at a later date can not be changed. Having regard to the other passengers, maximum 15 minutes after waiting for the driver should start. In this case, we can not refund the fare, but the opportunity for other orders, depending on the date the return is not necessarily the same day.

5, the baggage:

When ordering, please indicate if normal csomagmennyiségnél (1 luggage + 1 hand luggage per person) to calculate the number of baggage delivery. May signal the absence of the surplus to carry the package is not possible.
Abnormal transport of luggage (if this is possible anyway), a premium must be paid. (Eg, bicycle, baby carriage, diving equipment, skis, + packages etc), the fee-2.000. HUF / pcs / day.
Only under 15kg dog, cage, muzzle, under the supervision of stock!
Inclusive of the contractor carrying out the right in its sole discretion, to the extreme amount of the vehicle or significantly contaminated refuse delivery of package.

6 Passenger recording:

Pick departure address if more than 10-15 minutes a shift may occur. Given that the service system and gyűjtőjáratos Baranya - Somogy - Tolna county also includes several settlements, the service is performed during the Pécs - Budapest, Budapest - Pécs route is not bound and not predetermined. The route is subject to the orders in each case is determined.

7, Fares

Prices given the current price list given in the towns and places of departure, if any. Other departures from the village asked for a price in advance will discuss with the client. The preferences, the current fare is also a table of information about our site, the "Pricing" section. More than one hour, the flight delays due to waiting for the event, a waiting fee. The premium rate: 2.000, - HUF / hour commenced.
When making payments, it must be noted that if the fee is justified manner will not be settled prior to departure, the order fulfillment service provider unilaterally to suspend and cancel the order system.

The possible modalities of payment of registration fee:

The Rapid Taxi, led Budapest Bank 10101456 - 21532000 - 01002004 bank account number to transfer.
Partners (travel agencies, hotels and accommodation) in cash or by credit card.
Gépkocsivezetőnél cash or credit card.
8 Liability:

The service provider or intermediary is not subject to liability for damages resulting from the lack of service in the event of operating outside the unforeseen, the parties can not be influenced by events - force majeure - occurs.
Unanticipated events (such as an accident due to road closure, road work, occasional maintenance, administrative measures, weather phenomena that affect transport, etc) are not responsible for delays occurring due to, but do everything possible to avoid delays caused by such events. The timely arrival of an airport is not liable if the customer is the confirmed date of departure delays, differs by more than 30 minutes.
The ordered and paid for service during the passenger transport company for damages arising from failure demonstrated the fare up to assume responsibility for damages.
The flights, the passenger is obliged to take part in the trip only if health permits, and are not suffering from any disease in respect of which the travel assistance to fellow travelers, or for higher than normal risk. The passenger service at their own risk. During the trip the way to a third person caused by or. damage caused to the vehicle, the victim is directly responsible for.
If the client has a number of people assigned to this service, you agree to these individuals for service on their behalf, and authorized him to place the order, the travel conditions of this knowledge brings, instead of the service for all costs incurred are fully able to hold such persons arising from the conduct of all injury undertakes to reimburse.

9, using the service:

The service, the adoption of the above conditions can be used.
Travel conditions of the customer to travel to occur, and to adopt the ordering, payment and receipt of invoice, noting that by signing the duplicate statement.
"The conditions for using the service" to view all contracted partners.

The passengers about the conditions and justification for the payment of the fee invoice, in each case the order recording the task and responsibility.